At Resistance Labs, our mission is to stop Trump and rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up. We use peer-to-peer texting to help support grassroots progressive activists, recruit candidates to run for office, and help those candidates win.

We support local grassroots leaders wherever they are doing important work. We create scalable efforts that dramatically improve key outcomes for the Progressive movement, especially by capturing media attention in red and rural areas and recruiting new candidates where Democrats don’t typically run.


We offer a marketplace for volunteer texters to support progressive activism, candidates, and campaigns.

A crowd of people holding signs at an Anchorage rally to protect healthcare
A crowd of people holding signs at an Anchorage rally to protect healthcare

We serve Democratic and progressive organizations through texting in Spoke, an open source peer-to-peer texting platform. Our clients pay for the cost of the texting and list purchasing as well as staff time, utilizing our expertise and volume discounts from major suppliers. Resistance Labs staff chooses our clients based on whether they combat the far-right and improve the lives of working-class or marginalized people.

We invest revenue from our operations in incubating new social welfare organizations or working pro-bono for critical grassroots initiatives in red and rural areas. We are currently incubating two programs: Rapid Resist, which supports grassroots activism in rural and under-served areas, and Contest Every Race, which encourages activists to run for otherwise uncontested offices. These organizations, once formed, have their own funding streams and will operate as separate entities from Resistance Labs.

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