You’ve stepped up. Now let us help catapult your campaign.

Let’s get you in office. Resistance Labs’ mission is to use technology to rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up. We love Emerge Alabama so we’re offering you a crazy deal for a turn-key way to reach your voters by text. Here’s how it works:


Our messaging is based on research from 7 million text conversations last year. You choose what you’d like to accomplish with the texts, fill in the details and we do two rounds of edits to craft a perfect message.


We buy a new list of the most important voters in your district. We do this in partnership with Catalist and Targetsmart, the top progressive targeting and data shops, using their partisanship and activist score models.


Our volunteer base is fired up to help you win. They are vetted and trained to be professional and courteous with everyone they are in touch with, even voters who are rude to them.


After you place your order, we would love more info to help us respond to questions we’ll get. If you have call scripts, or even a website “issues” section, we will use it to create scripts for our volunteers to use when we get questions, as well as a one-pager for our volunteers to learn about your campaign. You’ll still confirm the final scripts, number of contacts and timing.


Want something else? We’re happy to work with you to create a unique and individualized texting program for you that goes beyond what we can do in this streamlined Emerge Alabama partner deal. Contact us at for a quote.

What exactly am I purchasing?

Signing up here will get you one text campaign to help identify possible supporters, turn people out to a key campaign event, or make one other critical campaign ask. Our trained team of texters will help to get the word out, saving your field staff from having to do this work.

Is texting effective?

We know it is! It has a crazy high open rate and can supercharge your field and improve your turnout. During the last election cycle in 2017 folks saw between a 2% and 8% turnout bump just from texting voters a handful of times. And we (Resistance Labs/Rapid Resist) have got loads of experience after sending 5 million texts in 2017 alone for resistance groups, candidates, and campaigns.

Who/how many people will you text?

We buy a new list of the most important voters in your district. We do this in partnership with Catalist and Targetsmart, the top progressive targeting and data shops, using their record of voting in primaries as well as partisanship and activist score models.

    • Up to 10,000 registered voters in your district, we’ll reach ~500 people for $75
    • 10-25,000 registered voters, we’ll reach ~1,000 people for $150
    • 25-50,000 registered voters, we’ll reach ~2,000 people for $200
    • 50- 100,000 registered voters, we’ll reach ~5,000 people for $400
    • Above 100,000 registered voters, talk to us, email

What information will I get after the completion of my texting campaign?

Once the texting is over, we’ll send you a summary report and spreadsheet with the full list of voters that we text. This list will include any positive responses that we get, the voter’s mobile phone numbers, and other info we collect. The list will include any who ask to be “opted out,” or asked to not be texted again. You’ll be able to use this data further in your campaign.

What if I already have a list of voters I want to target?

Unfortunately, there is some complexity involved in assessing how many cell phones are actually in your list and the back and forth involved creates added costs for us. To offer you this great price, our staff will be purchasing our own lists of Democratic voters through one of our existing political data vendors.

What if I want to send multiple sets of texts/variations out ? For example, text a list 3 times between now and election day OR text 3 different target groups using 3 different scripts.

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer one individual texting campaign/workflow at this pricing at this time.

When does this deal expire?

This special promotional pricing is valid through September 30, 2018. Once you purchase a package, you can redeem it at any point during the election cycle.