To stop Trump’s agenda, Congress needs to check his power. We’re managing three programs filling key gaps and partnering with trusted, local messengers to reach voters the Democratic establishment ignores: low-propensity and unregistered voters of color and women.


Our Strategy

We’re not giving up on anything. If we want the best shot at reclaiming political control and fighting against Trump’s harmful agenda, we need to win Congress—and we’re going after both chambers to have the best chance at flipping control. We need to be targeted about the races we focus on, which is why we researched and crunched the numbers to find where we can make the most impact and have the best shot of moving the needle to win a seat. And with the scalability of mobilizing voters through peer-to-peer texting, we actually can compete everywhere.

Flip the House

Partnering with Build the Wave PAC, we found the 25 Democratic challengers from all corners of the country that best represent the diversity and power of the resistance—and have a great shot at taking a GOP seat. We will have half a million conversations with low-propensity Democratic voters in these districts using rigorously tested messages to ensure they vote.

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Flip the Senate

Rapid Resist is targeting three key states: North Dakota (Heidi Heitkamp v. Kevin Cramer), Tennessee (Phil Bredesen v. Marsha Blackburn), and Nevada (Jacky Rosen v. Dean Heller). These races have been identified as winnable and if we’re going to take the Senate and block Trump’s agenda, we need to win all three. We will make sure low-propensity voters of color and women know where and how to vote.

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Register Voters

After a successful pilot that registered thousands of voters in Alabama for Doug Jones, we’re reaching out to over 500,000 unregistered voters of color in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, and Tennessee. Working with Black Voters Matter, NAACP, and Mi Familia Vota, we will support trusted messengers as they build power for these underrepresented groups.

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