There are the three seats that we must win to stop Trump. We’ll be reaching half a million progressive voters that the big money is ignoring. That can make the difference and flip the Senate.


Our Strategy

We’re targeting three key states: North Dakota (Heidi Heitkamp v. Kevin Cramer), Tennessee (Phil Bredesen v. Marsha Blackburn), and Nevada (Jacky Rosen v. Dean Heller). These races have been identified as winnable and if we’re going to take the Senate and block Trump’s agenda, we need to win all three. We will make sure low-propensity voters of color and women know where and how to vote.


North Dakota

Heidi Heitkamp


Kevin Cramer

RCP Polling Average

Cramer +0.5


Heitkamp won by 1 point in 2012 and is the Democrats most vulnerable incumbent in 2018. We will need to hold onto her seat to have a good shot at taking the Senate. Since it is such a small state, each voter—and voter contact we make—makes a big difference. We’ll be reaching out to folks that typically sit out of elections, with an emphasis on women.


Jacky Rosen


Dean Heller

RCP Polling Average

Rosen +0.6


Dean Heller is the most vulnerable Republican incumbent. Nevada’s small population is increasingly Hispanic and if we can turn out women and Hispanic voters we will take this state – and the Senate.


Phil Bredesen


Marsha Blackburn

RCP Polling Average

Bredesen +1.3


A former Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen currently holds an advantage over GOP rep Blackburn. This is an open seat and it represents one of the top two pick-ups for Democrats – we need to win this seat if we’re going to take the Senate.

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