The “Keep Updated” Tag

We use the “Keep Updated” tag on some activism workflows to indicate when someone is interested but can’t take the specific action we’re texting about.

Don’t worry about using this tag if the workflow’s instructions don’t mention the “Keep Updated” tag.

Note: we used to call this tag “Activated.”

When to Use the “Keep Updated” Tag

If a workflow uses the “Keep Updated” tag, add it if someone:

  • Answered “No” AND
  • Seemed interested in taking action or hearing from us again

If someone says they want to help but are at work/are busy today/have exams coming up, mark them as “No” and tag them as “Keep Updated.” No + interested = keep updated!

What about People who Say Yes?

Please don’t tag people who say “Yes” as “Keep Updated.” Hustle automatically adds the people that you mark as “Yes” to a different list. We will often go back and text both the “Yes” and the “Keep Updated” lists, but those lists need to stay distinct.