Message Reassigning After 1 Hour

When you receive a reply, you’ll have 1 hour to respond. After that, the conversation will be offered to other volunteers so that they can pick up where you left off. This is so we don’t leave people waiting too long for a response — for events or elections, it can be important for to us respond quickly!

If you want to avoid your conversations being reassigned, please make sure you check Hustle frequently; if you use the app, you can turn on notifications to help you catch replies.

If a Conversation is Reassigned to You

  1. Read through the conversation to see what’s been said.
  2. Check that tags have been properly applied and yes/no responses have been recorded.
  3. Continue the conversation as normal.

We recommend you introduce yourself (with a message like “Hi x, I’m y taking over for z….”) if you feel that’s appropriate, such as when taking over a conversation that’s been a long back and forth. However, if the conversation is likely to end (such as a simple “yes,” “no,” or “opt out” response), feel free to skip the introduction and simply reply using the scripts.