Opting Out

Opting Out

Opting out removes someone permanently from our texting list. When you opt someone out, your conversation with them disappears and we will not be able to text them again.

When to Opt Out

Opt out a contact when:

  1. They ask for us to remove them from our list or to stop texting them.
  2. They are rude, racist, or harassing you. (Learn more about how to deal with upsetting messages here.)
  3. The workflow’s specific instructions say to opt them out.

Number 3 is important — many of our texting workflows have workflow instruction sheets which describe when to opt out (as well as tags and scripts). Please check for instructions each time you sign up for a new workflow, and if there are instructions please read them all the way through before you start texting. If you’re not sure whether or not to opt someone out, check the workflow instructions.

DO NOT opt someone out just because:

  1. They don’t want to take action. (Mark them “No” instead.)
  2. They disagree with the issue you are texting them about right now.

They may be interested in the next action we text about, and if you opt them out we won’t be able to text them ever again.

How to Opt Out Someone

  1. Send the opt out script so they know they are being taken off our list.
  2. Tap the opt out button. (Don’t worry if the app asks for a reason and none of the options match your situation; you can select any reason to continue.)

Please send the script to them BEFORE you opt them out, whatever the reason. We need to let them know that we’re taking action to make sure they don’t receive future messages, because we don’t want them to complain to our organizing partners.