Reporting a Hustle Bug

Reporting to Us

If you’re having an issue with Hustle, first take a look around the Help Center and try these basic fixes. If those don’t work, contact us on Slack or by email ( The types of issues we can help with include:

  1. No activation text from Hustle, even after submitting our form again.
  2. Changing the email or phone number associated with your account.

If there’s an issue directly with the Hustle app or website, we unfortunately don’t have control over that. Please do let us know, however, because we can escalate things on our end if necessary. You can also report the issue to Hustle directly (see below).

Reporting to Hustle

If Hustle is acting strangely, you can report it to them directly.

In the Hustle App
  1. Shake your phone with the app open.
  2. Choose “Report a problem.”
  3. Follow the steps to submit a bug report — describe the issue, and include a screenshot if relevant.
On the Website
  1. Go to Submit a Request
  2. Fill out the form — you’ll need to describe the issue, and you can include a screenshot if relevant.