Sending First Texts

The first texts are pre-written scripts you send to every contact. They ask people a question, such as if they’re interested in an event or if they plan to vote for a candidate.

How to Send First Texts

After you request texts and it’s approved, you’ll see the current campaign on your To Do page.

  1. Select “Send First Texts.”
  2. Click Send.

Spoke automatically displays the next person on the list after you send a text. Keep pressing Send!

Once you finish sending all of your assigned texts, Spoke will take you back to your To Do page where you can answer replies and request more texts. You can also stop in the middle of sending texts and return to your To Do page by clicking the little house at the top of the screen. Please note that any texts you don’t send will stay assigned to you unless we decide to manually reassign them, so please don’t leave them unsent.