Using Scripts

Often people respond with something other than a “Yes” or “No.” We provide scripts for many scenarios such as wrong numbers, apologies, and additional info.

Please review the scripts before you start sending replies so you know what types of responses you have easily available.

How to Use a Script

  1. Tap the speech bubble on the bottom left.
  2. Select the most appropriate script.
  3. Tap Send.

Editing Scripts

Please don’t change the initial script that you send to all contacts. These have been created with our organizing partners. If you think the initial script needs editing, see below.

You can, however, modify response scripts to make your conversations more natural— just make sure to keep any necessary info, like the date and time of an event or the link to a candidate’s website.

If none of the response scripts work, you can write and send your own message. Keep it short and conversational — emoji are okay! 👍 We can’t prescribe a response for every interaction you get, so please use your best judgement. If you get stuck, ask for suggestions in our Facebook group or Slack community! The awesome volunteers in there can help you figure out just the right thing to say.

If you find yourself writing the same message a lot, you can use the + button to add it as a custom script.

Making Script Suggestions

Want to make a script suggestion or need to report a typo? The fastest way to do so is via Slack. You can also email us at