Using Tags


Tags are labels you apply to a contact’s profile to save information about your conversation. Tags enable our local partners/campaigns to follow up later.

Examples include:

When to Use Tags

Many of our texting workflows have workflow instruction sheets which describe what tags to use (as well as opt out instructions and scripts). Please check for instructions each time you sign up for a new workflow, and if there are instructions please read them all the way through before you start texting. You can always refer to them when replying to messages to make sure you’re adding all of the correct tags.

How to Tag Someone in the App

For more details and screenshots, check out our volunteer training.

  1. Tap on the person’s name at the top of the text conversation. This will open up their profile page.
  2. Tap “Add Tags.”
  3. Tap the tag to select it. This will add it to their profile. (You can add more than one tag if you need to.)
  4. Tap “Done” to save your changes. You should see the tag is now listed underneath the person’s name in their profile.
  5. Close the profile page by using your phone’s back button.

How to Tag Someone on the Website

If you don’t see the contact’s profile in a panel on the right side, click “Show Profile” underneath their name at the top of the screen. (This isn’t necessary if you’re replying from the Conversation section.)

  1. Click in the “Tags” box in the profile panel on the right side.
  2. Click the tag in the drop down list. (If you don’t see a list of tags to choose from, start typing the tag to bring it up, then click it.) The website will save the tag automatically.