You’ve stepped up. Now let us help catapult your campaign.

Text Your Voters FAQ

Hello, candidates! Let’s get you in office. Resistance Labs’ mission is to use technology to rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up. We love RFS so we’re offering you a crazy deal for a turn-key way to reach your voters by text.


Here’s how it works:


Opt-in by October 22nd and we’ll have volunteers send GOTV texts between November 2nd and 5th for you.


Our message is based on Analyst Institute best practices and research from 7 million text conversations last year.


We buy a new list of the most important voters in your district. We do this in partnership with Catalist and Targetsmart, the top progressive targeting and data shops, using their record of voting in as well as partisanship scores.


Reach ~500 people (recommended for districts with up to 12,000 registered voters) for $100

Reach ~1,000 people (recommended for districts with 12,000 – 30,000 registered voters) for $150

Reach ~2,000 people (recommended for districts with 30,000 – 70,000 registered voters) for $250

Reach ~5,000 people (recommended for districts with above 70,000 registered voters) for $450


The Run for Something volunteer base is fired up to help you win. They are trained to be professional and courteous with everyone they are in touch with, even voters who are rude to them.


Do we get a list the lists of contacts? Unfortunately we’re not able to share the final lists with you.


Are we able to give you a list of ID’s for you to text? Because often phone numbers aren’t textable and because of the added complexity of working with different types of lists, we aren’t able to use your lists for the cost above. We have to keep things really simple to do the work this cheaply!