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What’s it like to text as a volunteer?

  1. See a campaign on our website or in an announcement on our Slack or Facebook group.
  2. Read the campaign instructions and familiarize yourself with the pre-written scripts.
  3. Open Spoke and start texting! You can text about 200 people in 5 minutes.
  4. Reply to messages as people start responding. Use the pre-written scripts, but also add your own voice where it makes sense so it’s not robotic!

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Text Anytime, Anywhere

You pick when and where you want to text! There aren’t any scheduled shifts and you can text as often or as little as you like. In just 5 minutes, you can send about 200 texts!


You can use your own cell phone or computer to text with us. We use an application to send messages and use an anonymized phone number, not your personal number.

Training & Support

We provide a self-directed online training that will take you less than 15 minutes to finish. Our texter community and support team is always here to answer questions.

Pre-Written Scripts

Worried about what to say? Not familiar with all the issues? Respond to messages with our pre-written script library and learn about topics with our campaign instruction sheets.

Ready to get started texting to make a difference?

Who and what are we texting?

Every campaign is different in terms of who we text and the type of message. Examples include sharing information about polling places to get people to vote, inviting people to candidates’ events, helping candidates raise money, and registering voters.


In many cases we’ll be texting registered Democrats. Depending on the campaign, we might be reaching out to a “warm list” of people we already anticipate to be supporters. Other times we’ll use a “cold list.”