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No Active Campaigns

We don’t have any texting at the moment, but we will soon! Please make sure you’ve joined our Resistance Labs Slack and Facebook Group, where we announce new texting campaigns. When texting goes live, you can come here for instructions on our active campaigns.

Active Campaigns

Black Voters Matter

Black Voters Matter: Valdosta, GA MLK Day Event

Black Voters matter is a national organization dedicated to advocating for the black community through voter registration and turnout efforts, policy advocacy, and capacity building. We’re reaching out to Black residents in Valdosta, GA to mobilize community members to attend an event and get registered to vote!

AZ Dems

Contest Every Race: Recruiting Local Candidates in Arizona!

We’re recruiting local candidates with the Arizona Democratic Party! We’re texting 100,000 voters to ask if they’ll run for nearly 1,000 local offices including school board, city council, and county supervisor. Please read the instructions to get started!

Sharpen Your Spoke Skills

Start by taking just a few minutes to go through our new texter training course, which you can find below. The course will cover everything you need to know to get started connecting with voters and activists.