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No Active Campaigns

We don’t have any texting at the moment, but we will soon! Please make sure you’ve joined our Resistance Labs Slack and Facebook Group, where we announce new texting campaigns. When texting goes live, you can come here for instructions on our active campaigns.

Active Campaigns

Start texting today in Spoke! Spoke is an open source, peer-to-peer texting tool built and maintained by the progressive community. It’s lightning fast, allowing you to send and respond to messages quickly. Log in or sign up here.

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Democratic Party of Virginia – Fundraising

We’re texting past donors to the Democratic Party of Virginia. State parties will be at the forefront of efforts to get out the vote, especially if states are forced to vote-by-mail.

Turnout 2020 Shift Reminders

Turnout 2020 is a national project to recruit volunteers to make phone calls to Democrats get them to commit to vote. Today we’re texting volunteers to remind them about the call shifts scheduled for tonight from 6pm until 10pm ET.

Sharice Davids

Sharice Davids for Congress Fundraising

We’re texting past donors to ask them to donate to Sharice’s re-election campaign for Kansas’s 3rd Congressional district before tonight’s end of quarter fundraising deadline. Let’s help her keep her seat in 2020!

Black Voters Matter

Black Voters Matter: Covid-19 Mutual Aid

We’re working together to reach out to folks in 10 counties across NC to make sure they have the resources they need to shelter in place in the midst of a potential local crisis and ask them to volunteer to help get the word out.

Please read the instructions before you begin.

Turnout 2020 Volunteer Recruitment

Turnout 2020 is a national project to recruit volunteers to make phone calls to potential voters in swing states and get them to commit to vote. It’s not just the presidency — there are also many competitive Senate races in 2020, and we need to seize this opportunity.

Sharpen Your Spoke Skills

Start by taking just a few minutes to go through our new texter training course, which you can find below. The course will cover everything you need to know to get started connecting with voters and activists.