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No Active Campaigns

We don’t have any texting at the moment, but we will soon! Please make sure you’ve joined our Resistance Labs Slack and Facebook Group, where we announce new texting campaigns. When texting goes live, you can come here for instructions on our active campaigns.

Active Campaign

MI Dems

Recruit Michigan Precinct Leaders!

We’re working with the Michigan Democratic Party to recruit local precinct leaders! Michigan is a crucial battleground state in 2020 – can you help us reach over 100k voters to ask if they’re ready to step up for their community?
Chicago Teacher's Union

Chicago Teacher’s Strike!

We’re texting parents across Chicago and encouraging them to call the mayor and demand she take action to end the teacher’s strike.

Sharpen Your Spoke Skills

Start by taking just a few minutes to go through our new texter training course, which you can find below. The course will cover everything you need to know to get started connecting with voters and activists.

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