Workflow Instructions

Heads up – not all workflows will have instruction sheets!

Typically workflows for candidate campaigns have dedicated instructions you will need to follow, but our resistance/activism workflows don’t – they follow the general rules outlined in our new texter training course. If you don’t see anything listed below, click here to return to the signup sheet.

Power Coalition

Power Coalition: Louisiana Runoff Election

We’re partnering with the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice to turn out voters for the Louisiana runoff election, happening December 8th.

Black Voters Matter: Mississippi Runoff Election

We’re partnering with Black Voters Matter to do a last minute push to the polls for the Mississippi Runoff election taking place Tuesday Nov. 27th.

Candidate Recruitment: Oklahoma School Board Races

We are working with the Oklahoma Democratic Party to invite voters to run for their local school board! Click the button below to view the instructions for this campaign.