Workflow Instructions

Heads up – not all workflows will have instruction sheets!

Typically workflows for candidate campaigns have dedicated instructions you will need to follow, but our resistance/activism workflows don’t – they follow the general rules outlined in our new texter training course. If you don’t see anything listed below, click here to return to the signup sheet.

Re-Elect Ron Nirenberg for San Antonio Mayor (Run-off)

We’re helping to re-elect progressive champion Ron Nirenberg for Mayor of San Antonio, TX. Let’s help him get out the vote in the run-off election!

Alfonso Lopez for VA Delegate

We’re helping to re-elect Alfonzo Lopez for Virginia House of Delegates, District 49 in the June 11 Primary. Let’s help him get out the vote!

Brian Knudsen for Las Vegas City Council!

We’re texting for Brian Knudsen, a progressive LGBT community leader running for Las Vegas City Council.

Jordan Yeager for Judge – Bucks County, PA

We’re texting to support Jordan Yeager, a civil rights and environmental justice advocate for judge in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Let’s help him get folks out to vote in the May 21 local election!